Yo, Mr. White, it’s FRIDAY!

After the big storm hit back East, we were constrained to my parents’ house for what felt like an eternity. We watched so many episodes of Breaking Bad, I could probably cook meth in my sleep (#bettercallsaul). I know, I know–I’m about a century behind on the Breaking Bad craze.

Beans wants to cook.

Even Beans wanted to cook.

Faces of addiction.

Faces of addiction.

And we can't stop.

We can’t stop.

Clearly, some fresh air and exercise was in order so we made a group reservation at Orvis Sandanona Shooting Grounds. While preparing for the below freezing temperatures, the girls got into a little tiff with our dad about whether or not Lululemon yoga pants would keep us warm enough under our ski pants. Apparently, I was “NOT TAKING THIS OUTING SERIOUSLY, B*TCH!” Yes, my father said that to me. Yes, Jesse Pinkman is his favorite Breaking Bad character.

yeah-science-bitch-memeAfter everyone calmed down, we made the 75 mile trek to Millbrook, NY. There were 12 people in our party and we broke up into groups of four for a super fun day of clay shooting. I hit exactly 10% of my targets (better luck next time?) and my Lulu undergarments kept me very warm.







Oh, and John bought a new hat.

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