Pajama Party

My husband John wakes up at an ungodly hour for work every morning: 3:17am if he has to shave and 3:28am if he doesn’t. Needless to say, he goes to bed very early. I still feel completely out of whack from the time change and have found myself retiring to bed earlier and earlier. The other night I was flipping through the pages of December’s Vogue and squealed with delight when I came across Coyuchi pajamas on page 299. “John, I blogged about this company and own these PJs!” His response was less than enthusiastic. Warning: do not wake the sleeping man.

With the holidays right around the corner, I plan on scooping up some cozy PJs for the fam. For “Green Friday” (how clever), Coyuchi is offering 20% off pajamas. If you live in the Bay Area, I highly recommend a trip to their store in Point Reyes for a larger variety. Make a day out of it. NYC folk: pick up your Coyuchi PJ’s at ABC Home.


John lives in these Men’s Striped Pajamas (when I remind him to wear them):


These Heather Flannel Pajamas are perfect for East Coast winters (and don’t forget to order that wooden box to complete your gift look!):


Nothing like a classic, waffle robe for her:


I want these soft, breathable nightshirts in every neutral color, please:

jersey_nightshirts_product_p also complied a list of Stylish Sleepwear for the holidays…check out #4!

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