Dust To Dust

The holidays are right around the corner which means it’s time to start ticking off that Christmas/ Hanukkah list. I’m a firm believer in giving unique, local gifts that a loved one wouldn’t expect. Enter: Kristin Grant, owner of Dust to Dust Furniture (pictured below, thanks to Refinery29). Kristin has been building boats and furniture for the past couple of years in San Francisco and London. Her shop in SF is located in the quaint, urban neighborhood called Bernal Heights; which I equate with the city’s best French Toast.



I love her clean designs and plan on ordering these cheese/cutting boards with leather straps for family this year. They are perfect to display in your kitchen or bring out during a cocktail party as a conversation piece.



My husband and I purchased the saddest looking wooden desk for $30 from the Alameda Flea Market which Kristin transformed into a beautiful and more importantly, functional desk. Cometococo and my beloved blogging nook would not be possible without her talented hands (hmmm?). She can really do it all, as evidenced here.



BENCH7.2 BENCH7(Thanks to Mike Armenta for the images above).




And how cool is the piece below for a friend or family member who likes to unwind with a nice bath? Pair it with a nice smelling candle.


Contact Kristin here.

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