Eyes. Lips. Blush. Go.

Even though I’m a huge beauty junkie, I struggle when it comes to applying my own makeup. I wanted to get my makeup done for an event I attended this past Friday but refused to purchase $75 in products I didn’t need just to get a professional application. So I ended up looking like I always do [major yawn]. All I wanted was to get my makeup done quickly and affordably. There are blow out bars, waxing bars, nail salons, airbrush tanning salons…but nothing for makeup. Let’s be honest, your face is your best accessory. Enter: Made Makeup Lounge. The concept is simple and brilliant: professional makeup application from a menu of looks in 40 minutes for $40.

My friends, Ana and Tracy (pictured below) are in the final push to opening their flagship store in NYC and you can help by contributing here. If you aren’t a local don’t worry, they will be making their way to major metropolitan cities across the nation in no time. I’m pulling for SF next! Help them reach their goal and YOU will reap the benefits! Think: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, special events…

ana and tracy



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