The Art of Simple Food

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m terrible with surprises. A few weeks back, John asked me to leave Saturday open for a nice “surprise” dinner.  Well, as I was sitting in my little blog nook*, a calendar reminder popped up on the computer screen: Saturday dinner at Chez Panisse. I read it out loud, looking at John like a naughty 5-year old. It wasn’t my fault his Gmail calendar was open! Needless to say, I was beyond excited. Chez Panisse has often been referred to as “a can’t miss stop on America’s culinary road map.” The Executive Chef, Founder and Owner, Alice Waters, pretty much founded the organic food movement in California. And I sweat her. This cookbook is a MUST buy.


Chez Panisse was originally created as a place where Waters could entertain her friends and family. Located over the Bay Bridge in Berkeley the cozy, intimate space eventually grew into a bustling restaurant. They only source the highest-quality ingredients and everything is local and sustainably grown. The tasting menu changes each night and below was Saturday, September 28th’s menu (taking photos felt kind of tacky so excuse the quick iPhone snaps!):

We started off with a glass of wine from Spain with Fennel syrup
(I could have left happy from this moment: it was so refreshing and delicious)

photo 3


We brought a nice bottle of Lambert Bridge we’d be saving for a special occasion
(How beautiful are the menus?)

photo 4


Two gazpachos of Bob’s tomatoes with cucumbers and green coriander

photo 1-1


Hand-cut pasta with lobster,
Summer vegetables, and basil

photo 2-2


Grilled Magruder Ranch grass-fed beef
with marrow butter, Annabelle’s gold beans,
Fried potatoes, and garden greens

photo 3-3


Poire belle Helene

photo 5-2

photo 5-1

photo 2-1

And back to SF (HAPPY) over the new bridge:

photo 5

* My blog nook (animal hide box from my friend’s shop in Tahoe: Mountain Loot):



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