Thunda dog

Whenever there was a storm on the horizon growing up my dad would always sing, ‘The Wheel’ by The Grateful Dead. “If the thunder doesn’t get you then the lighting will.” I’m sure it’s not every parent’s top choice in soothing their scared kids but hey, we turned out okay (?).

On the other hand, our dog did not. To give you a quick background on our miniature pup: she didn’t have a name for the first couple weeks we owned her. Throw five highly opinionated children and two adults in the mix and well, you can see how we couldn’t reach an agreement. Then, one sunny afternoon my mom took Beanie to my brother’s baseball game.

Beanball: a colloquialism used in baseball, for a ball thrown at an opposing player with the intention of striking him such as to cause harm, often connoting a throw at the player’s head (or “bean” in old-fashioned slang).

A foul ball hit our new puppy in the head, flinging her out of my mom’s lap. She lived and finally had a name: Beanie. A double-header! After this incident, poor Beans experienced terrible anxiety whenever it stormed. She’d hide and shake uncontrollably.

About a month ago I visited Jeffrey’s, a local and organic pet shop in North Beach and came across the ThunderShirt. It applies a gentle, constant pressure that has a “dramatic calming effect” for over 80% of dogs. You can even customize it with your dog’s name. We highly recommend it for any dog owners out there. They are also offering free shipping with the code: ts461.

Below is the model workin’ it in her ThunderShirt, happy as a clam.



In other odd Beanie news, she loves car washes which we learned today:


My Dad’s response to my sister’s text: “Next time strap her to the roof. 2 birds with 1 stone.”
Sister: “And you wonder why she doesn’t like you!”

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