The San Francisco Collection by OPI

Sunday, September 22nd marks the first day of Autumn (it also happens to be my first wedding anniversary). When I read about OPI’s new SF collection, I was excited for obvious reasons. The hues are perfect for the changing season: slate greys, oxblood, blues and purples. Best of all? The names are super fun.


A few from the Fall/ Winter collection & appropriate throwback posts to match:

1. Haven’t the Foggiest :: The Grey Lady


2. Incognito in Sausalito :: Dining in Sausalito


3. Wharf! Wharf! Wharf! :: What does an otter say: Arf? Arf? Arf?


4. Peace & Love & OPI :: California love


5. Muir Muir on the Wall :: Hiking in the Bay Area


6. A-Piers to be Tan :: America’s Cup in SF


7. Keeping Suzi at Bay :: A voyage on the Bay


8. First Date on the Golden Gate :: Crossing the Bridge


9. Alcatraz…Rocks :: Stay tuned for an October post. I currently have an Alcatraz night tour scheduled for when Mama J comes to town. I’m scared of the dark, believe in ghosts and get cold very easily…that leathal combo should make for some great blog material, eh?


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