OTR* Series II

Wedding season is back in full swing! The next couple of months look something like this: SFO> IAD> SFO> ATL> SFO> ORD> SFO> IAD> SFO> JFK> SFO. Dizzy? Me too. But seeing all of the beautiful couples and friends from high school and college make all the travel worth it (even though my bank account & liver hate me).

Dulles airport.

Dulles airport.

I clearly have wedding presents on the brain and realize that I haven’t posted anything on gift giving ideas since this “Dare to go off-registry” post. Well thanks to Ana and Alex, I’ve got a treat for you! They know how much John and I love backgammon in our house and recently sent us the most beautifully handcrafted board. They even went as far as matching the board to our wedding colors and monogrammed our wedding date. Talk about something we’ll have forever. If you have any friends getting married that love backgammon (or other classic games) as much as we do, be sure to check out Crisloid! These travel backgammon boards would also make for a great Honeymoon gift.





DSC_0004*OTR: Off the registry.

Thanks A & A!

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