Luella SF

The cat’s out of the bag. My lovely, little neighborhood gem, Luella, will be closing its doors next month.  My husband and I frequented this restaurant once a week for the past two years. In fact, I feel so attached to this restaurant that when the Chef shared the news with me last month I completely broke down. As we walked out, John turned to me with concerned what the f”ck is wrong with you eyes and said, “Woah, Court you got really emotional back there.”

On my sister’s first visit to SF I took her to Luella to convince her to move here (she did), John and I planned much of our wedding and honeymoon sitting at the bar, and we kicked off my best friend’s bachelorette there. You get the point. The interior décor was nothing fancy, the Chef didn’t use any crazy ingredients…it was just about good food and good people. It was simple.

An Insta post 1 week before we left for our wedding. Only 14 likes. #awk

An Insta post 1 week before we left for our wedding. Only 14 likes. #awk

In fact, the restaurant was so tucked away and quiet that it attracted many local politicians and celebrities. To share one Yelper’s review:

I had the extremely cool luck to have Mick Jagger (yes, that Mick Jagger) seated 1.5 feet from me. I don’t think I said much after he was seated as I was sitting there awestruck and trying to listen to his conversation the rest of the night… I know, I know give the man his privacy… it’s not like I bothered him though (although he may have felt bad for my date being there with a guy who didn’t talk much).

I’m sure the owners of Fat Angel will do a wonderful job with the space. They plan to renovate the entire restaurant and if it’s anything like the little spot off Fillmore, it will surely impress with the food too.

Until then I will be mourning the loss of Luella- ella.

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