Shoe struggles

I feel badly for poking fun of that boy’s shoes in yesterday’s post. What’d he do to me? Catholic guilt kicking in. So here’s a confession: I’m not a shoe person and never have been. My sisters joke that I inherited my Dad’s taste in shoes. Sorry, Dad but wearing sk8er shoes every day in your 50’s is questionable. Even I know that.

My dad shoe shopping.

My dad shoe shopping.

“Court, just keep it SIMPLE,” Jen always tells me. I destroy shoes overnight which is why it pains me to buy them. Do I walk really hard? Am I an ogre?

urlHeels are the worst for me because 1) I can’t walk in them and 2) I tower over everyone in the room. I may have even wore kitten heels on my wedding day. Eeeeekk. Don’t worry, my photographer was under strict instructions not to photograph them. When I told a friend I wanted to wear flats on my wedding day, she immediately responded: “Just stop talking.” Well, a-holes (you know who you are), Coco has come across a kitten heel that is stylish and versatile.

url-2 url-3 url-1How’d I do?

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