Come Sail Away

I don’t know much about sailing except that I almost died on a sailboat when I was 10-years-old. My camp counselor made us all hold hands and pray as the coast guard came to the rescue. Weirdly, I remember laughing and having a blast. High winds? Torrential downpour? Lighting? No biggie to this water rat. I’m an Aquarian after all.

keep-calm-youre-an-aquarius-8x10-fineAnyways, America’s Cup has come to San Francisco. On Sunday, we watched New Zealand sail unopposed in the first race, since the Italians refused to participate. We sat along the seawall in America’s Cup Village and watched the bizarre “race”. Six pork & cabbage dumplings later, we headed home so I could nurse my terrible sunburn. John’s parents are in town so we took them to America’s Cup Park. If you get the chance to check it out, I recommend watching the eight minute “Flying on Water” experience. We watched Oracle Team USA practice, perused America’s Cup gear (I will be back for this coffee table book— remember this post?), and I beat John in a game of cornhole.






Rocking my Louis for the LV Cup. Sorry, I just had to get that one in there.

Rocking my Louis for the LV Cup. Sorry, had to slip that one in there.

* All photos by Leon Halip.

And I can’t wait to eat at the Waiheke Island Yacht Club pop-up located in Pier 29.


resto 2

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