It’s a Christmas in July miracle! In my three years of living in San Francisco, I’ve never experienced weather quite like this…

weatherOn Saturday, we went stand up paddling through Sea Trek Ocean Kayaking in Sausalito. Beware: boats have the right-of-way in the channel and won’t move for you. We learned the hard way after a scolding from a Captain. We had an absolute blast out on the water, even though I smelled like a sea otter for the rest of the day. John woke up with an ear infection on Sunday and when my sister found out we were headed to see a doctor, she decided to come along since she hadn’t been feeling well either. As we approached the clinic John said, “Screw it! It’s too nice out, let’s go eat some oysters.” That’s my boy! We decided to stop in Inverness first where I happened to spend my West coast bachelorette…






After a quick bite at Blackbird, we made the long trek to Point Reyes Lighthouse. The closer we got to our destination, the more the temperature dropped and sun began to disappear. And while it was one of the nicest days of the year in SF, we found ourselves at the foggiest and windiest spot on the entire West coast (a fact told to us by the Parks & Rec employee on staff). It was 0.4 miles from the car to the lighthouse so we decided to run the distance to warm up. I haven’t run since my high school field hockey days so I am embarrassed slash proud to admit that I am very, very sore. The 308 steps leading down to the lighthouse probably didn’t help my cause either…






stepsAfter visiting the lighthouse (built in 1867 in Paris & definitely worth a visit), we made our way over to The Marshall Store, my favorite spot to eat oysters in Pt. Reyes. We finally enjoyed some sunshine and a delicious feast. Lesson learned: when it’s nice in San Francisco, it’s most likely foggy and cold in Pt. Reyes. At least my dermatologist would be happy!





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