Happy first day of summer! Tonight I will be celebrating Balboa’s 100 year birthday. Looking forward to kicking off the official summer season with a nice, cold Anchor Steam.


And for the hell of it, I’ve included some of my favorite Balboa YELP reviews:

1. “You haven’t lived til you’ve heard a cougar roar over Chardonnay.”

2. “Came here for the cougar hunting.  Was not disappointed. Within 5 minutes of arrival, we were were flagged down by a well-preserved 40-something who looked like she had her Equinox trainer on speed-dial and subsisted on kale and vodka sodas.  20 minutes of wingmanning later, my buddy was in a cab on his way to a tasteful Pac Heights condo with 2 cats.”

3.  “I walked into Balboa this afternoon and was immediately drunk.  The place reeks of booze and Sex Panther, not to mention desperation. Booze and desperation are cool with me.  Obviously.”

4. “I didn’t know that Yuppie Barbie had this many different outfits available for her to wear.”

5. “Uh, yuck.  I don’t think they would have let me in the door if I didn’t accidentally spill some peroxide on my hair.” [h8er]

I hope this pyscho doesn’t attend the party:

6. “How can these people walk around all happy when i just want to murder them all?”

Or, this psycho. Happy birthday, Balbs- loves ya!!!

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