Happy birthday, bro

June 7, 1996- I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was probably the best day of my dad’s life. He finally had a son after four girls. My sisters and I were obsessed with our new brother, always fighting over who got to hold him [on the couch, obviously]. We loved to play house with him. We’d carry him around town making our mom stand at least 20 feet away from us…so that people would think he was our son. “Isn’t my baby so cute?” I’d ask shoppers strolling the CVS aisles.

Welcome brother Nick

Welcome brother Nick

I remember hating him only ONCE, which is pretty good for a younger sibling. He had a huge bowling ball of  a head and after school one day, I was bouncing him on my knees, trying to make him laugh. WHAM. Right in the schnoz with that big ol’ head. I dropped him and of course he started crying. I swear I heard a crack. He got all the attention and there I was with a fake broken nose. I eventually got him back.

Why so serious?

Why so serious?

While I could go on and on about my brother, Nick, here are a few of my favorite highlights from the past SEVENTEEN (omg, I’m old) years of his life:

#1: I read somewhere once that really good athletes have OCD tendencies. As a toddler my brother would stand for hours on our back patio hosing down the entire area until it was evenly saturated with water. But by the time he finished, one side would be dry and he’d start all over again. We all know what my mom was thinking…dream child.

Just hosin' away.

Just hosin’ away.

#2. Certain textures make my brother wig out.This first came to our attention when he wouldn’t play in the sand without socks on.

Thugged out diaper.

#3. We’re a hockey family through and through. Sometimes my brother has a Canadian accent. We all thought he was going to be a stud goalie because he’d spend countless hours in our basement practicing with anyone who chuck a ball/puck his way.

photo (76)

#4. But instead, he’s a star forward…and a babe.



#5. And perhaps the most important highlight: he’s always been the best brother anyone could ask for. Always helping his sisters out when they’ve had 14 glasses of wine…

True story: Christmas 2011. Sister to remain anon.

True story: Christmas 2011. Sister to remain anon.

Happy birthday, Nicky boy, we love you!!



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