Up all night to GET LUCKY

A friend was recently asked this question during a job interview: “How lucky do you consider yourself to be on a scale of 1:10?” Even though I’m currently experiencing post-wedding depression, a sore throat and have no voice, I feel like I’m pushing 10. I feel so lucky (and not because we were up all night to this song) to have been apart of such an amazing weekend celebrating #megandjack with the greatest friends anyone could ask for. Stay tuned for more details on Newport, the wedding & twerking.

4b90ab78463bb9681f8d48860d20441fBelow are a few of the many emails getting me through this day:

Friend #1:
I am so depressed this weekend is over.  You people are the best people in da whole damn world. Like I told some of you today…you can catch me on Thursday nights at 9, MTV. Jersey shore.

Friend #2:
What happens at 10 Prospect, stays at 10 Prospect! BRUTAL morning. I’ll put my pics up when my boss realizes to leave me alone today because I’m useless.

Friend #3:
So glad I took sign language senior year…

Friend #4:
I sound like a 90-year-old man today and am holding my eyelids up with pencils so I don’t fall asleep. Totally worth it. Best weekend ever!!!!!!

Thank you to MIKI RUSS for booking our bomb house (complete with a grill, pool & a breastfeeding foal). LOVE to you all.

photo (17) photo (16) photo (14) photo (15)

3 responses

  1. Thank you for making the trip to Newport for the best weekend of my life!!! Love you court!

  2. love this! can’t wait for part 2 and more pics! how did we get so lucky with such a beautiful group of friends (inside and out)?! mwaaaaa xoxo

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