Throwback Thursday: all about LOVE

I feel like a hypocrite writing this post. I’ve never been a fan of #tbt (“Throwback Thursday” for all you non-instagramers) but sometimes you come across old photos that are just too good not to share. A few of my parents when they were just two young kids in love…

My dad’s college graduation:

photo (9)

Two weeks before their wedding, they didn’t have anywhere to live so they set up this ‘new home’ on my grandparent’s front lawn. The lion is a nice touch:

photo (11)

Now I know where I get my love of stripes (skeptical pose, Dad):

photo (7)

And my love of quality couch time:

photo (13)

And my love of sun & boats (skeptical pose, Mom):

photo (3)

photo (10)

photo (6)

photo (5)

Off to Newport! Happy wedding weekend to my favorite college sweethearts, Megan and Jack. Who knows, one day your future children could do a blog post like this;) Too soon? XOXO

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