ADVISORY: do not feed or approach wildlife

Remember my post about being inherently lazy? Well, moving to California was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Weather permitting, my weekend days are spent hiking, exploring & taking advantage of all that Northern California has to offer.

Whenever I’m in the mood for a scenic hike that isn’t s too grueling, I head to Tennessee Valley . A short drive from San Francisco, just over the Golden Gate Bridge: the first half of the hike feels like you’re overlooking  the Italian coast and the second half feels like you’re in Scotland. [Full disclosure: I haven’t visited Italy since the 5th grade & I’ve never been to Scotland]. So, if you’re like me and have an insane desire to travel to Europe but can’t (#helpmeimpoor)…take Bobcat Trail at Tennessee Valley.

It’s all about the power of imagination, people.

We're in Italy folks.

We’re in Italy!



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Coming up on Scotland!

Coming up on Scotland!

For the record, I approach all wildlife. Well, I guess this guy isn't technically "wild". Meet Ben.

For the record, I approach all wildlife. Well, I guess this guy isn’t technically “wild”. Meet Ben.

All photos taken by: Lou Skayhan.

Driving Directions to Tennessee Valley from San Francisco: 

  • Go north on highway 101
  • Take the Mill Valley / Stinson Beach / Hwy. 1 exit
  • Follow Shoreline Hwy. until you see the Tennessee Valley Road sign
  • The turn off will be on the left

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