Here in the city life doesn’t move so slow

894021_1_lIt’s truly incredible what lies beyond San Francisco’s borders. Want snow? Travel to Tahoe. Warm weather? Cross the bridge. Feel like mountain biking? Head to the Marin Headlands. My piece of advice to anyone living or moving here is to come with an explorer’s attitude. There is always something new to discover. I love the quote on this notebook (which I happen to own). I use it to document new wines I taste, restaurants worth checking out & those random roadtrips I never want to forget.

L9781935414681Two weeks ago my friend Lou and I hopped in her Volvo convertible and headed for Monterey, CA. A trip that should have taken a little under two hours, ended up taking about four. It’s a sensitive subject. We got a little lost, ended up at Facebook’s headquarters and backtracked a good hour trying to find an IN-N-OUT Burger. You would’ve thought we had just come off a 5-day juice cleanse the way we were talking about cheeseburgers & Animal Style fries…

The point of our little “day trip” was to visit the Monterey Aquarium. We finally made it to our destination, parked and once again got sidetracked. DIPPIN DOTS!!!!! It’s comical how excited we got over those colorful, cold little balls.

Banana Split all the way.

Banana Split all the way.

While I won’t bore you with all the details of our trip, here’s a quick recap: we ended up getting a room for the night here, hung out with members of Patrick Dempsey’s racing team (he was staying at our hotel) and maybe told a few white lies about how we were Marine Biologists in town to study otters in the area…

2013-05-09_1368076778Waking up to a devil of a hangover, we thought our day was shot to hell. That was until we began our trip back to the city along the coastline. Take it from us, you never know what will happen beyond San Francisco’s borders…

photo (36) photo (34) photo (33) photo (35) photo (32)

And a song about San Francisco to kick off your Tuesday evening.

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