Photographer Spotlight: The Real Slim Shady

Ever since the SEAL Team Six raid on Osama Bin Laden, I’m completely obsessed in awe of the U.S. Military. Any documentary, 60 Minutes interview (did you see the one on the Military dogs?!), new movie/ book release — I’m all over it. My sister was over a couple of months ago, saw a book on my nightstand and quipped, “Are you reading another SEAL book?”. I didn’t respond and handed her this. Fast forward a few weeks later. Jen: “I LOVE THE MILITARYYYY!!!!!! So bada$$$$. Damn you Court for making me obsessed.” [Toot toot].

There is a point here. Remember the gorgeous collection of coffee-table books I mentioned in my recent post? Well amongst the piles, my eye was immediately drawn to A Place in the Sun and La Dolce Vita by photographer, Slim Aarons. I thumbed through pictures of the jet-setting, sun-drenched subjects and googled the photographer as soon as I got home.

In researching Slim, I learned that he enlisted in the U.S. Army at the age of 18. YES. I knew I loved him. He was a combat war photographer in WWII and even earned a Purple Heart. He said that combat had taught him that “the only beach worth landing on was one decorated with beautiful, seminude girls tanning in a tranquil sun.” A war veteran and funny? This man rocks. See some of his beautiful images of the rich and famous (& their playgrounds) below…

Slim-7- url-5 url-4 url-3 url-1 -1 url The-gang-of-ragazzi-on-holiday-from-Milan tumblr_mca1dc6tyl1qfj41uo1_1280

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