Beach Day

Today was Bay to Breakers where thousands flock to San Francisco to either run or party. It’s a complete spectacle and every year on this day I get the H out of the city. I appreciate B2B but I’m not really a fan of crowds or dressing up (Halloween is my least favorite holiday which says a lot considering I LOVE candy). The sun was shining early and I checked hoping for a day like this…a rarity in these parts.
Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 5.58.22 PMJohn and I started our day brunching at Le Garage in Sausalito–a French bistro I’ve been meaning to check out for the past three years. We enjoyed extra-large Cafe au Laits, Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon and an omelette with sweet tomatoes and mozzarella.

photo (20) copy

photo (24) copy

Feeling fulfilled, we made our way up the long and winding road to Stinson. After a quick pit stop at the charming Stinson Beach Bookstore (where I purchased this book), we parked ourselves in the sand; played Kadima, read and people watched. So proud of John– he made it 2 hours without getting antsy!!

Road to Stinson. Beware of bikers.

Road to Stinson. Beware of bikers.

photo (22) copy

Toes painted in Boom Boom Room by Essie.

Toe color: Boom Boom Room by Essie.

photo (3) copyStay tuned for our post beach activity–something I recommend for all locals!

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