Idyllic New England

In two short weeks I’ll be heading to Newport, Rhode Island to see one of my best friends tie the knot. Oh how I miss summertime in New England: lobster rolls, sandy beaches, stripes, colorful beach umbrellas, meandering bike rides, a thunderstorm after a scorching day…

hoyt-boys-by-bruce-weber -1 tumblr_ml5lmvIEJK1snzo8eo1_500 4bb71e54e4484cd78265c7f945709ece tumblr_ml5jz9ZVYY1snzo8eo1_500 26183124432 -2 44719864155 peach-porch-and-pick-up wet-hot-maryna-linchuk 7Wy9Wuy1 6f3fd307fe5c162dcd20d9f750e428d4 254898245

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