St. Pat


My friend Will has coined a new term, “Pat”, which has somehow crept its way into my everyday vocabulary.  My sister accidentally used the word the other day at work only to get very confused stares from her colleagues.  Below are some examples of its use:

Will: “Stop patting out.”
Translation: Stop being lame.

Will: He is such a pat.
Translation: He is not cool.

Will: That movie was a patrick.
Translation: That movie was a pat of all pats.

Well, do not be deceived by the name of this delicious cheese, St. Pat.  I recently came upon this gem at the Marin Country Mart Farmer’s Market.  It just took one taste and I was hooked.

Soft Cheese wrapped in nettle leaves

Soft Cheese wrapped in nettle leaves

Here is a description of the cheese:

Our Spring seasonal cheese. St Pat’s distinctive green rind commemorates the arrival of spring in Marin County.
Made with whole organic milk from the Chileno Valley Jersey Dairy, this creamy semi-firm cheese is wrapped with the (de-stung) nettle leaves that grow wild all around us. 

Flavor notes: Mellow, soft, and full of smoky, artichoke flavor

You can purchase this cheese at any Cowgirl Creamery location.

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