Game Changer: Hot Like Sauce

We’ve always been a condiment family– we even have a refrigerated drawer dedicated to all our favorite sauces.  Today, I counted 7 different mustards which is NOTHING compared to this looney.

Feeling saucy?

Feeling saucy?

Hot sauce, in particular, has become a staple in our household.  I’ve never really met a hot sauce I didn’t like…Sriracha, Tabasco, Frank’s, Crystal. And I was never very picky about hot sauce until Mazi Piri Piri entered the picture (thanks, McKenzie!). To quote Saveur:

I love Mázi’s piri-piri sauce, named for an extremely hot pepper with a citrusy kick. This Portuguese-style, oil-based chile sauce has a balance of brine and heat, more unctuous than the vinegar-based Tabasco, yet less pulpy than sriracha. I use it as a marinade for chicken, dab it on fried eggs, and splash some on rice and beans. It adds a slow, bright burn without elbowing other flavors out of the way. I’d sip it by the spoonful if I could handle the sting.


A fun little tidbit: the former Manager of Bon Jovi and his partner started their Piri Piri business out of New Jersey after studying how the Portugese make this sauce– after all, it’s their ketchup of the States. NYC’ers can purchase Piri Piri in-person at Murray’s Cheese Shop  and SFer’s can purchase in-person at Little Vine in North Beach. Enjoy!!!

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