Devil’s Teeth

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 11.14.22 AMWeirder things have been said but apparently, I made this statement back in October 2012 and it still stands true (thanks Jul for documenting all of the interesting things our friends say– @ItsMichae1has some real gems).

A couple of months ago on your not-so-typical Tuesday, I went over to my sister Jen and her roommate Kelseys’ apartment.  After a few too many glasses of vino, we made the decision to purchase tickets for a whale watching trip to the Farallon Islands.

Scene of the crime.

Scene of the crime.

Kelsey: Yesterday, when I was in a ball of hangover sadness, I was not pleased with the purchase.  
BUT now I am so pumped and I think it’ll be a super fun Saturday activity!  
Can’t wait to see our aquatic mammal friends 🙂

Editor’s Note: Jen did not partake in our Tuesday night shenanigans & JJ (Juicing Jen) is rather scary when awoken from her slumber.

On Saturday, we headed down to the Marina bright & early. Jen and Kelsey were dressed in skinny jeans, Frye boots & thick sweaters (you idiots, I thought to myself).  You see, a trip out to the Farallons is not an easy one. To quote an excerpt from a book I’m currently reading, Devil’s Teeth:

The boat ride from the mainland is a riot of turbulence and nausea that can last more than six hours–and that’s on a day when a captain is willing to attempt the voyage..the place gets regular lashings of the meanest weather the Pacific can dish out. Thirty-knot winds, blanketing fog, and fifteen-foot seas are standard.

It started raining the second we pulled out from the slip but since we all grew up on the water, we had our sea legs and (goofy) smiles on the entire time…

The Three Stooges

The Three Stooges.

We had some real characters on our boat.  Have you guys seen the movie, The Big Year?  There was a group of bird watchers on our trip that came to see a specific seabird from the Atlantic Ocean that has never been seen before in this part of the world…a Northern Gannet. The three of us were dying for this little birdy to make an appearance, just so we could see their reaction.  I don’t mean to poke fun at these bird lovers and in doing some more research, I guess it is pretty wild that this bird ended up here:

“The fact that a northern gannet found its way to the Farallon Islands is truly extraordinary,” said Russell Bradley, the Point Reyes Bird Observatory’s Farallon program leader, who has spent thousands of hours studying wildlife on the island since 1998. “This is a North Atlantic species and has no business being here.”

Sure enough, we spotted the bird. While, I don’t have footage of the Gannet spotting, I do have footage from the Dall’s porpoises swimming alongside our boat which is rather entertaining (I am new to this blogging thing so will figure out how to upload the video soon).

Here are some pictures from our trip:

Leaving the Marina. We spotted a young grey whale feeding right under the bridge.

Leaving the Marina. We spotted a young grey whale feeding right under the bridge.

Devil's Teeth upon arrival.

Devil’s Teeth upon arrival.

Jen getting her bird watchin on

Jen getting her bird watchin on

And the clouds parted....

And the clouds parted….

The two haunted houses on the Island.

The two haunted houses on the Island.



I highly recommend a trip out to the Farallons through the Oceanic Society! We can’t wait to go back in September in hopes to spot some Great Whites and Blue Whales!!

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