Going, Going, Gone!

Don’t miss these amazing Presidents’ Day sales!

Calypso St. Barth : “The Getaway Sale” — an extra 50% sale prices

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.14.26 PM

Opening Ceremony : Up to 70% off

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.21.58 PM



Bloomingdale’s : The Big Brown Bag Sale (I scooped this top in black for work)

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.13.37 PM


J. Brand : up to 70% off items

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.15.59 PM

Moda Operandi : Up to 75% off fall/ winter

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.19.26 PM


Super Bowl Eats

On Sunday, I’ll be taking the food (and Beyonce) very seriously. Scroll below to see what we’re cooking up for Super Bowl 50. GAME ON.

‘CHOS: the single most important dish one can serve at a Super Bowl party. ‘The Holy Grail’ if you will. This year, I’ll be making pulled chicken nachos.


GOAT CHEESE AND SPICED PINOT NOIR TURNOVERS: because everything the folks over at Hatchery do makes me drool.


PEPPERONI PIZZA ROLLS: Is it weird that three friends tagged me in this Instagram photo?

Pepperoni-Pizza-Rolls-8Last, but not least, GRANDMA JUDY’S TUTTIES (thanks, Mick):



1lb. hot sausage (Jimmy Dean)
1lb. hamburger
1lb Velveeta (box)
1tsp. Worcester Sauce
1/2 tsp. garlic salt
1tsp. oregano
Pepperidge Farm small party rye


Cook and drain meat. Melt Velveeta on stove with spices. Add meat to cheese.
Top party rye with meat and cheese mixture. Bake at 350 until bread is toasted and meat is warm- hot.


Tahoe Guide

Thank you Mother Nature (and Bull Family) for a wonderful trip to Tahoe this past weekend. It was Hank’s first time seeing snow (his reaction: “wow!!”) and my first time back on the slopes in two years (wasn’t pretty). Below are a few photos from our trip and a guide to Tahoe in the Winter—I’ve consulted the experts.


Best Breakfast: Stop at Ikeda’s for bagels on your drive up. Eat out at Fire Sign Cafe or Squeeze In

Best Coffee: Coffeebar

Best Snack: individually wrapped Belgian waffle from Euro Snack 

Best Lunch: Full Belly Deli

Best Dinner: Pianete Ristorante

Best Wine Shop: The Pour House 

Best Butcher Shop: Stop at Longhorn Meats on drive up or  Mountain Valley Meats

Best Grocery – Save Mart (better than Safeway!) or The Food Hub for organic, local ingredients.

Best Clothing Shop: PlumpJack Sport

Best Ski Rentals: Inn Shop of Squaw Valley

Best Apres (for a scene): Le Chamois

Best Apres (for a glass of wine or cocktail): PlumpJack Bar

Best Nightlife: The Cantina Bar & Grill

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

This year I’m all about going for the obvious…bring on the hearts, pink and xo’s!


{Pampered Mademoiselle}


{Guess How Much I Love You}


{Rebecca Atwood Clouds}

NOTE65-GoldHeart-web_1024x1024{Sugar Paper Note Set}

slideshow_3{Hill House Home Willow Robe}


{Pink Gingham Kids Pajama Set}


{Jayson Home Heart Dome Paperweight}


{Hatchery goodies for a date night in}


{Eberjay Heart Print Pajama Set}

E6407_PA8068{Hearts and Arrows Boxers}

w234_h234{Faux Peony – pretty for a side table}

44884271jh_12_f{Sweetpea Hedgehog Tights}

Tea-Rose-Linen-Water_a7c1bc1f-56f7-43b5-9f0c-a649e1cdf6d9_grande{Tea Rose Linen Spray}

Splurge // Save

I’ve had my eye on this Tory sweater ever since a friend came over wearing it. Can’t seem to get enough of fringe these days (scooped this number on sale).

Tory Burch Mix Knit Fringe Sweater



ASOS Cable Sweater with Fringing


Matt Davis Trail :: Mill Valley

Finally a hike that incorporates it all: hand-hewed footbridges, waterfalls, redwoods, fern canyons, city and ocean views. We explored Troop 80 and Matt Davis trail in Mill Valley on MLK day and will definitely be back with friends and visitors in tow. We worked up quite an appetite and hit Buckeye Roadhouse on the way back into the city (order the crispy polenta sticks). A day well spent.

I found the directions online to be a little confusing so hopefully this helps:

  • Park in the lot across from Mountain Home Inn
  • Take the gravel path up past the Throckmorton Fire Station and green water tower
  • Take the trail uphill marked ‘Matt Davis’ on your left
  • Follow Matt Davis and continue on Bootjack Trail
  • Retrace your steps or take Panoramic Trail back to the parking lot

horizontalbwmountain home inn overlooking canyon FullSizeRender (11)road

D. Porthault Sale

The luxury linen house, D. Porthault, has announced their semi- annual sale. Who else has a nostalgic attachment to these heart shaped sheets? If you live in New York, visit their boutique at 470 Park Avenue or shop online for savings 20-80%. Just in time for some Valentine’s Day shopping? I think so. Front+of+card-+Jan+2016PINK+HEARTS+BRD.+Porthault0551


The Black Turtleneck

Here’s what else happens when you wear a black turtleneck: You feel connected to the past. You are now part of a long lineage of female black-turtleneck wearers. Audrey Hepburn, sure. But also: Joan Didion on a long reporting trip. Sharon Stone in her most stone-cold-killer years. Hillary Clinton in the dress that made America first take notice of her. Princess Diana with a fresh face and fresh dreams that she could change things. Gloria Steinem marching on. Brigitte Bardot with her plaintive, irresistible pout. Angela Davis holding court in a room full of rapt women. Francoise Hardy epitomizing impossible French cool. Marilyn Monroe reading Dostoevsky and desperately hoping the world would see her as more of a brain than a blonde. – Refinery 29

Jackie-Kennedy-Fashion-Icon-e1366095040283Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 4.12.46 PMKate-Moss-by-Bruce-Weber-for-Vogue-Italia-October-20001 197c627bf100dc9800e1ee9c5525bd52audrey-hepburn-black-topScreen Shot 2015-11-08 at 4.21.44 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-08 at 4.23.17 PMShop my turtleneck picks below:

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Sale Alerts


lemlem Sample Sale (up to 75% off)

Club Monaco (addional 30% off sale items with code: JANUARY)

Busy Bees (50% off with code: WINTER50)

Scoop Ultimate Closet Clean-Up Sale (up to 60% off)

Net-A-Porter (extra 20% off final clearance items with code: SALE20)

Margaret Elizabeth Semi- Annual Sale (up to 80% off)

Waterfront Perfection

Glazer Group, out of Rowayton, CT nails it every time when it comes to designing quality homes. I can’t get enough of these gorgeous waterfront abodes that have me dreaming of warmer (+ sunnier) days. When can I move in?

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 7.27.19 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 7.34.03 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-19 at 7.33.16 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-19 at 7.35.20 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-19 at 7.27.41 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 7.27.52 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 7.29.09 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 7.29.22 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 7.29.57 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 7.30.13 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 7.30.39 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-19 at 7.34.32 PM


I’ve had a lot of massages in my lifetime (I have the heaviest baby alive work hard and it’s my biggest indulgence). To date, the best massage of my life was at Mirival Resort followed by my recent deep tissue massage at The Parker.


Upon check-in, don’t be alarmed when you’re offered a cucumber-infused vodka shot. After all you have to retox to detox or something like that. Slip on a ‘PSYC’ (Palm Springs Yacht Club) robe and head to the pool & relaxation area. Enjoy a dip in the cool, salt water pool then relax in the hot tub. The combination of vodka whilst reading the manifesto on the wall will most likely lead to a ‘wow, I’m really on vacation’ moment:

We believe in the American country club experience: mixed doubles, a long steam, and a stiff cocktail.

We believe in inner beauty. But, do what you can on the outside.

We believe in old-world etiquette and new age simplicity.

We believe you can swim right after you eat.

We believe we should trust those seeking enlightenment and doubt those who claim to have found it.

We believe the earth is three-quarters water, and your body is three-quarters water, and… this is purely coincidence.

We believe in good sport as well as fitness: Pétanque and Pastis, Pimms Cup and Croquet, Snooker and single malt whiskey.

We believe you are only young once… but you can be immature forever.

Sure, this manifesto will leave you a bit confused just like the Moroccan tent in the relaxation room but hey, anything goes in Palm Springs. Just go with it. Be sure to visit the dark room filled with candles and slip on a chilled ice face mask. Leave when your husband starts snoring.



Massage rooms are named after winning yachts from America’s Cup races (I was in Freedom) where you’ll choose from six different oil scents (I chose eucalytus) and playlists (I chose Tibetan mantras). From there, get ready for some DEEP muscle work, hair pulling and stretching that will make you wonder why you even have a sheet on in the first place. All in all, truly incredible. Something else to note: the facialists use Tata Harper products and my mom came out looking 10 years younger! Until next time, PSYCho.

Palm Springs Guide

There’s no denying that there’s a certain magic to Palm Springs. The sunsets, spectacular views of the mountains and mid-century modern architecture made for a wonderful holiday. While the weather didn’t fully cooperate (it was warmer in Connecticut!), we had ourselves a merry little desert Christmas…fully taking advantage of the laid back, colorful Palm Springs lifestyle. Below I’ve shared a few of our favorite spots and photos. Can’t wait to get back– an easy* one-hour flight from SF. *Is any flight easy with a toddler? What a loaded question.






Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 8.15.38 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 8.14.56 PMFullSizeRender (66)IMG_0052Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 8.21.17 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-11 at 8.20.22 PMIMG_0010Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 8.31.34 PMIMG_0070 (1)IMG_0018IMG_0029IMG_0046Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 8.26.44 PM{^thanks mom & dad!}

Winter Beauty Buys

Or should I say freebies…a few products I currently can’t live without:

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse: originally gifted to my sister, this was up for grabs due to her nut allergy (contains almonds). This multi-purpose dry oil can be used on your face, body and hair. Apply after a hot shower before bedtime…pure luxury. NUXE_Huile_Prodigieuse_Multi_Usage_Dry_Oil_100ml_1431512438Simple Skincare Micellar Water: Conde Naste dropped off a few goodies to our office before the holidays. I use this to remove my makeup before washing my face at night. It’s super gentle and instantly hydrates my skin.


simple-micellar-water-cleansing-water1Goldenfaden MD Needle-less Line Smoothing Concentrate: A serum I use before my moisturizer which contains Hyaluronic Acid– the key molecule in our skin that aids in moisture retention.


Store it

Isn’t getting organized part of everyones’ New Year’s resolutions? Toys are currently spilling out of my apartment causing extreme anxiety and it’s time to shape up–even if that means just tossing them into a basket;)

Ralph Lauren Leon Basket




Colonial Mills Storage Basket

BT79 Rust Red Basket


Poplar Wood Crates

american-made-poplar-wood-cratesWhite Ash Basket

353.0006_675Boga Basket


Seagrass Basket


African Basket

KMq6K8KSdi8DueVHvUlw_BASKETS_0001_300dpi_20copy_largeCoopers Storage Basket



Anna Quindlen on Motherhood

I’m not one to share quotes but reading the ever-wise Anna Quinlen’s thoughts on motherhood (coupled with the fact that my baby is turning one) has me hanging on to the sweet days of babyhood!


“Oh, I loved having babies. The smell, the feel, the … well, I liked the stupidity of them. The way they grabbed their own feet and then looked perplexed at the fact that they somehow felt it in their bodies. The way they’d be entranced by sunlight or ringing phones or the thrum of the dishwasher. There’s a popular YouTube video that shows a baby in near-hysterical laughter because someone is tearing up a piece of paper. That’s babies all over. Why paper? Why tearing? Who knows?”


“The biggest mistake I made is the one that most of us make while doing this. I did not live in the moment enough. This is particularly clear now that the moment is gone, captured only in photographs. There is one picture of the three on them sitting in the grass on a quilt in the shadow of the swing set on a summer day, ages 6, 4, and 1. And I wish I could remember what we ate, and what we talked about, and how they sounded, and how they looked when they slept that night. I wish I had not been in a hurry to get on to the next things: dinner, bath, book, bed. I wish I had treasured the doing a little more and the getting it done a little less.”


“The great motherhood friendships are the ones in which two women can admit [how difficult mothering is] quietly to each other, over cups of tea at a table sticky with spilled apple juice and littered with markers without tops.”


“I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves.”


“Your children make it impossible to regret your past. They’re its finest fruits. Sometimes the only ones.”


“When children are small, parents should run their lives and not the other way around.”


“Even today I’m not sure what worked and what didn’t, what was me and what was simply life. When they were very small, I suppose I thought someday they would become who they were because of what I’d done. Now I suspect they simply grew into their true selves because they demanded in a thousand ways that I back off and let them be. The books said to be relaxed and I was often tense, matter-of-fact and I was sometimes over the top. And look how it all turned out. I wound up with the three people I like best in the world, who have done more than anyone to excavate my essential humanity. That’s what the books never told me. I was bound and determined to learn from the experts. It just took me a while to figure out who the experts were.”


Hank’s Desert Fiesta

It’s hard to believe that my little man turns ONE this week. Scenes from Hank’s first birthday party in Palm Springs (right before the wind storm hit and balloons went flying down the fairway…FORE!).



DSC_0759DSC_0805DSC_0862DSC_0752DSC_0755DSC_0953DSC_0967DSC_0744DSC_0739Click below for vendor info!
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Barney’s Sale

Barney’s is having a MAJOR sale (up to 75% off). Thanks to my personal shopper cousin Cami, I was able to score a few amazing steals. See a few of our favorites below:

Isabel Marant Silk Chiffon Pilay Peasant Top

img-thingL’Agence Sophie Long V-Neck Flutter Dress

df04252749364daf08c4824bd2f5c8e3Ulla Johnson Spot- Print Georgette Rosalie Skirt

ulla-johnson-multi-spot-print-georgette-rosalie-skirt-multicolor-product-0-624291071-normal3.1 Phillip Lim Crochet Ruffle T-Shirt

31-phillip-lim-white-crochet-ruffle-t-shirt-product-0-828973607-normalOpening Ceremony Jacquard Bodycon Dress



Post Holiday Skin Pick-Me-Up

I don’t know about you but my skin is in need of a major detox. Overindulging during the holidays did a number on me. Below makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge, breaks down the best beauty routine for morning after makeup. Fake it ’til you make it…

Part One:

Part Two:

Prepping your skin is the most important step and below are products I highly recommend.

  • Keep a cooling eye mask in the freezer.
  • Use a face cleanser packed with antioxidants followed by a mask.
  • An instant solution for dull skin: this resurfacing mask or this old-time favorite. Follow with toner.
  • This toner naturally fill cells with organic vitamin infused aloe water to make them plump and firm, reducing the appearance of wrinkles for a smooth finish (a necessary part of your beauty routine!)
  • Follow with a hydrating serum and you can’t go wrong with any of these products.
  • Seal your skin with a good moisturizer. Still a fan of this cream.
  • Keep this eye gel in the fridge–it works wonders!



Festa di Capo d’Anno

If you’re like me and prefer a more mellow way to ring in the New Year, consider dinner at Piccino — one of my absolute favorite restaurants in San Francisco. Enjoy a four course prix-fixe menu with wine pairings by Chef Anne, live jazz by Tin Cup and a cozy ambiance. My mouth is already watering…


Snaps from Ojai

Ojai, CA: a destination for spiritual retreats, golf fanatics, spa goers or those seeking solace from a broken heart (had to #twihard)…a trip to this magical California Valley has been on my list since I moved West years ago. My sister recently attended a gorgeous wedding in Ojai and shares a few snaps below:

ojai 4 ojai 1 ojai 3ojai 8 ojai 7 ojai 9ojai 2


Stay: Ojai Valley Inn and Spa
Shop: Ojai Avenue
Eat: Azu for farm fresh tapas

A California Christmas

Today we’re trading in snow boots, Christmas trees and hot toddies for bathing suits, palm trees and spicy margaritas. Palm Springs, I’ve never needed you more. It’s been one long month and I’m very excited to recharge. Who’s with me?


{Gray Malin | Palm Springs}

Bringing Gender Neutral Back

Well, we barely survived Hank’s first stomach bug and first trip to the ER. Nine loads of laundry later, it’s time to get this almost one-year-old some new crib sheets. Erika Bearman (former Oscar PR Girl) posted this darling picture of her new baby girl which lead me to Ivie Baby Shop– a shop dedicated to “bringing gender neutral back”. Speaking from experience, it’s so tough finding items that are truly gender neutral these days so little shops like these are gold for parents waiting to find out the sex of their baby.

I’m loving these crib sheets: navy moose, black forest and grey elk.  Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 4.03.56 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 4.00.51 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-16 at 4.01.13 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-16 at 4.03.17 PM

Birthday Supplies for the Kids

Your child’s looming birthday. Keep it simple? Go all out? Either way, below are some party favors/ decor to help you along the way. Happy, happy!


Birthday hats: 

Birthday Cups:

Cake/ Cupcakes:



2016 Calendars

For when Google Calendar just won’t cut it…

Hello to Spring by Maria Schoettler Calendar (love this desk calendar too). The calendars remind you of what fruit & veggies are in season each month making trips to the Farmer’s Market that much easier.

produce_0Click below to see more: 
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Holiday Tablescapes

Inspired by my friend’s gorgeous Thanksgiving table setting, I hope to recreate this for an upcoming holiday fete.

FullSizeRender (62)Shop this table below (including those amazing snowy owl placemats).

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Heath Ceramics Annual Sale

San Francisco-based Heath Ceramics is hosting their Annual sale November 20-23rd (20% off all in-store purchases). A visit to their showroom and factory is a must– sale aside. Dwell Magazine said it best:

People build a relationship with these products that have a simple purpose. Heath is like a farmers’ market for ceramics on the small scale of an artisan bakery–it’s as if pieces come out of kiln and go right into the hands of the customer. The whole process is very transparent.



I’ve have my eye set on this slate large serving bowl and this indigo container.

Thanksgiving Place Cards

How cute (and easy) are these turkey place card cookies for Thanksgiving? We’re having a potluck dinner and since I’m a terrible cook I know what I’ll be ordering from Sugar Mama Cookies:Turkeys

Other cute designs if you live in the Bay Area:11150556_941172879249752_6158582240643485241_n


Gift Guide for the KIDS

Le Toy Van Doctor’s Set



Fix-it Tool Box (really anything by Hape)


Elegant Baby Bunny Towel

0415779480432_247x329Click below to view more gift ideas:
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Stovetop Whistlers

Uncluttered kitchens bring me great joy. I need a life. But really, I find that when I banish the clutter I’m more likely to actually cook and eat at home. That being said: daily appliances, cutting boards, pots and pans must be out of sight. My rule of thumb: make sure anything you keep out has an intentional feel. Take the teakettle as an example. A kettle can make quite the design statement in the kitchen. Keep it simple and classic…a roundup of my favorite stovetop beauties below:
tea kettles
This kettle reminds me of my childhood. An old Italian (whistling) classic.
I’m coveting this Staub x Goop kettle.
This kettle would look great in a clean, all-white kitchen.
Made in England, this chrome tea kettle is another classic.

Shark Mode Hank

Halloween takes on a whole new meaning when you become a parent. It quickly jumped from my least favorite holiday to my absolute favorite, thanks to this little Bay Area shark. Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

image image image image image image image image image imageNow playing.

Chic Sneaks

I know what you’re thinking…a footwear post by someone who has zero shoe game (remember this post?). Well, I’ve consulted my cousin who is the sneaker queen and below is a round-up of chic sneaks to kick it in this Fall.


pPOLO2-22111826_standard_t240{RL Scholar Mid Sneaker}



253x253-61836{Vans Classic Slip Ons}


Royale-Suede-Farro-Hero-01{The Royale— thanks Where’s Mer!}




{Nike Racquette}

Dotted Decor

I love the mixing and matching of home furnishings from Les Indiennes. Based in Tuscon, Arizona, Les Indiennes produces textiles using the ancient art of kalamkari, an extremely complex printing method. The best part?

We are particularly proud of the fact that Les Indiennes never set out to industrialize or to change the way things are done in India. The production of our fabric uses no electricity, does not cause pollution nor does it disrupt the traditional lifestyle of the village where it is made. Les Indiennes provides fair trade employment for over 50 families, raising the standard of living for the entire community, and all the while leaving no environmental or social footprint.

For a list of retailers, click here.

spots 1 spots 3 dot8 dots5 d0t6 pillowdot7

Fall Spur Special

Since the Farmhouse Inn’s latest renovation, they’ve been racking in the accolades (2015 Best 100 Hotels in the World (#8), 2015 Best Inns in the U.S. (#2), 2015 Best Wine Country/ Hotel Resort by Travel & Leisure…). So, when you receive an ‘End of Fall Spur Special’ alert, you book a stay. Today through November 3rd, the Farmhouse Inn is offering rooms for $395/night…truly a steal for one of the best hotels in the Valley.

farmhouse inn

Call or email to book:
707.887.3300 | innkeep@farmhouseinn.com 

Note: you must mention this special when you call to book.

spafood bathroomsmore

More ideas for your Russian River getaway here.

Where’s Mer | The Blog

I’m so excited to have a new blogging buddy…welcome to the blogosphere, Where’s Mer! Why I’ll be tuning into Where’s Mer daily (and truly, it has nothing to do with that fact that she’s one of my oldest + dearest friends):

  • She does her homework and puts things to the test. Ie- she’d never share a cream she didn’t try or a soup recipe she didn’t love.
  • An authentic voice. I mean, have you read this post?
  • A clean aesthetic. Her manifesto? Less is more. And well, that’s just music to my ears.
  • Passion. She didn’t start this blog on a random whim and never does anything half-heartedly. You can expect highly curated content.

wheres mer

So…hop to it! Happy reading

Hi, pumpkin.

Pumpkin Picking. This post made me laugh x a million. Is it all about the photo opp? Who cares, I say. Seeing Hank and his friend George literally made me melt after all, it was 100 degrees. With so many great pumpkin patches in the Bay Area (like Arata’s Farm in Half Moon Bay and Post Street Farm in Santa Cruz) you really can’t go wrong. We made the beautiful trek to Nicasio Valley Organic Pumpkin Patch, hijacked someone’s wheelbarrow, took a hayride, rode some ponies and had ourselves a grand old-time. Some pictures of my little punkins below:

Hank4 Hank2IMG_0817IMG_0859hank13IMG_0824IMG_0855hank6hank7FullSizeRender^obviously.

Until next year…



In an Instagram lull? In need of some new accounts to follow? Check out these five accounts below:

  1. Linnea Telijas- Puranen : a graphic designer and illustrator based in Stockholm, Sweden, mainly working with creating visual identities, illustrations, posters, books, brochures and websites.


2. Stone Fox Bride: her “New Day!” posts bring me great joy each morning.


3. The New Potato: The world through the lens of food.


4. Glen Allsop: Photographer extraordinaire.

glen5. Erika Bearman: the former “Oscar PR Girl”. Her unborn baby girl’s closet…



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