A Housewarming Gift Idea

I can only imagine the feeling of buying your first home. My girlfriend just moved into her own digs and said she still wakes up pinching herself. Naturally, I’ve been thinking about a nice housewarming gift. I came across these custom watercolor home portraits by My Sweet Rose and thought it would make such a lovely gift for a family member or friend. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful print of thier new home–something that would surely be treasured for years to come. Gift certificates are also available (especially handy when you are separated by 2,000+ miles!).il_570xN.473853489_6w71

il_570xN.399767018_bzuj il_570xN.423967012_5ew9il_570xN.681976331_lxum

Old Tom Foolery Cards

While we’re on the subject of greeting cards…have you seen Old Tom Foolery’s work? The husband and wife team pride themselves on creating unsappy (husband had a hard time finding funny cards when woo-ing his now wife) and uncrappy (high- quality / letterpress) cards. I can’t get enough of their Headline Collection…hilarious!



September Ink

I shop local whenever possible. When I saw that a letterpress studio opened in my neighborhood, I knew I’d enlist them to make Hank’s birth announcements. Kristin, the founder, designer and printer, was amazing to work with and totally understood my vision. The best part? You can actually feel the difference of handcrafted artisanal letterpress paper. Her adorable shop is open Wednesdays- Fridays & Saturdays, located in Russian Hill. I also bought these cards for my baby shower thank-you notes. Highly recommend!

4e0646_ebd3e030698e4ae88911113dea8cba56.jpg_srz_p_818_451_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 9.04.36 PM{Hank’s birth announcements beautifully packaged and ready to go. All I had to do was add his sweet little black & white photo.}

Fall Splurges

Written by: Meryl

I LOVE the fall. I love the clothing, the weather, the food… it is the time of year when everything is at it’s best and most colorful. Fall has a magical quality about it, despite the natural world’s slow- and beautiful- preparation for winter hibernation, most feel like it is a time of new beginnings and a fresh start (thank you, school calendar!). More than any other season Fall inspires me to set goals to learn something new, pick up a new hobby to get through the long winter months, dig into a good book, and of course spruce up my wardrobe. Here are my top fall picks:

Health and Wellness:

Since I am relegated to crutches for the next two months I have to focus my health and wellness efforts internally. Despite my super hardcore PT seshes in the pool (yeah those are two pound weights- look out!) I am left feeling like I could do more. I have been drinking a ton of green smoothies and getting lots of rest while reading up on some more unconventional wellness techniques. My favorite that I have come across is LA based Moon Juice. At first this appears to be just another SoCal fresh pressed juicery but upon deeper inspection you will find that the etherial founder Amanda Chantal Bacon has much more in store. Moon Juice offers a wide variety strange and intriguing sounding tonics, milks, powders, and dusts. WTF is Vanilla Mushroom Protein? Maca? Pearl Dust? I don’t know but their descriptions, recipes, and mission (and beautiful packaging) have me very intrigued. Thankfully I am going to be in LA in a few weeks and have made sure to put Moon Juice on my agenda so I can dig a bit deeper and see what I find. Rest assured I will not leave that shop empty handed!




Whenever I tell someone that I am moving to Chicago I get a pretty standard response. “Oh you will love it! Except, those winters… yeah they are tough” As a result, I have been on the hunt for the perfect winter coat to help guard against the elements this year. Here are a few of my two favs:

Mackage Villa Hooded Lux Down Jacket– For those unbearably cold days.


Cuyana Wool Coat– when you want to stay warm and feel chic. kf_9119-coat_navy_1


A new fragrance always makes me feel like I have a new lease on life. Depending on the scent it can transform me into feeling like a fresh faced beauty out for an evening stroll to someone that lives in cashmere sweaters and always has fresh flowers in her house.

NM-184W_ex s1239789-main-hero-300

Being a fan of floral scents I recently tested out Hermes Gardenia Perfume and it was lovely. I am definitely adding it to my list of fragrances I want to buy for the fall.o.30709



I am really getting into this old school denim trend and although I think it will be difficult to find the perfect pair I am willing to try! Redone denim has a pretty impressive selection and an inspirational instagram account that may convince any doubters that those faded jeans of yesteryear could ever look good again.Denim-Featured



Like coats I have been doing some pretty intense boot research for this upcoming winter. I am deliberating between the classic american bean boot with some extra warmth built in and the stylish but functional dubarry boots from across the pond. And if the winter turns out not to be that bad maybe I will try and catch these beauties on sale later in the season :)


Skincare Products:

It would not be a Come to Coco post without a product wishlist (emphasis on the wishlist portion of this post) so here goes my latest:

As far as a new hobby for the fall I am thinking I will enlist my pal Kristin to learn me in the ways of ceramics when I am in LA for a visit- she makes beautiful stuff! And I have been dying to curl up by the fire with a cup of hot coco and dig into this book and then this one!

Happy Fall Everyone and have an awesome weekend!!



Fall Soups

Written by: Meryl

Nothing warms the soul when the weather is starting to cool quite like a good fall soup. Soup is also a great way to get more veggies in your diet (something I am always striving to do). Since the purchase of my Vitamix I have become a veritable soup factory and although I have yet to generate any recipes of my own I have found a few that have become all time favorites. Hope you enjoy:

  1. Goop’s Roasted Kabocha Squash Soup: I recently made this with my mom while down in Charleston. Whole Foods did not have Kabocha squash but they recommended Kuri Squash as an alternative. I had never had either so I was excited to try whatever they had on hand. I was completely blown away by the flavor of the Kuri Squash. It was creamy, buttery, earthy, and the slightest bit sweet. We added a little bit of coconut butter to the recipe to ramp up the sweetness a bit and it was wonderful. It is safe to say this is both of our new favorite soup and I will be making it many times this fall season.KabochaSQuashsoup
  2. Hemsley + Hemsley’s Chilled Asparagus and Almond Soup: It is a kinda a 1990’s spice but I am absolutely in love tarragon (anyone have a good tarragon chicken salad recipe they can send my way?!). Some complain of it’s liquorish flavor (I am looking at you Geoff…) but I adore it and always add extra to this delicious soup. I am not a huge fan of cold soups- especially in the fall- so I always eat this heated up. Definitely do not forget the garnishes on this one- it keeps the soup lively in flavor and colorful in aesthetic.hemsley-hemsley_Asparagus-Almond-Soup_Guardian_Tumblr_-06182-455x330
  3. Tyler Florence’s Roasted Tomato Soup: The perfect accompaniment to a grilled cheese is a great Tomato Soup. I love this one because it is simple and allows for all kinds of tomatoes. To really make the flavors shine in this soup I add a few healthy dashes of roasted red pepper flakes. The end of summer/beginning of fall is the peak time for tomatoes and really the only time I like to buy them at the supermarket so get em while the getting’s good!tomato-basil-soup3
  4. Tom Kha Gai: My dad loves to refer to me as “Messy Mer” when I am in the kitchen because I am often making recipes that require a lot of ingredients and I have never made before which leads to varying levels of chaos. This so called chaos often has me calling in for the backup of my two favorite Sous Chef’s my brother Kyle and my husband Geoff. Because I am staying with my parents down in Charleston this month while I recover from hip surgery and they are taking such great care of me I have decided to spare my dad my first attempt at my new favorite thai soup. Inspired by a dinner with my co-workers down in Austin at the amazing restaurant Sway I am dying to try and recreate the sweet and spicy concoction they have on their menu. Here’s to hoping this recipe will produce something akin to what I had at Sway and rest assured this will be the first soup I make when I am back in Chicago in October- get ready Sous Geoff ;)unnamed

Art for the Apt

Written by: Meryl

It’s hard to believe but in the last two years I have moved four times (ugh). We moved from Colorado back to the east coast in the fall of 2013, stayed for a few months in CT (with some friends parents), a year in Brooklyn, moved back out to an apartment in the burbs for about 7 months, and now we live in Chicago! What this has meant is that despite a short stint at my parents house in two years I have attempted to decorate 3 apartments. As we “matured” and we have moved away from hand me down furniture and Ikea dominated design I have found that it is challenging to strike the fine balance in a home where things are still affordable but look styled and complete. One of the best ways I have found to combat this issue is through using art. When I first started to think about what to put on our walls I was totally overwhelmed, should I invest in a really great piece that makes a statement? Do I have a few grand lying around to just do that? Sadly, no. So I was forced to get creative. Here are the tricks I have picked up to find (and frame!) great art in my home for a fair price and a sophisticated style that you don’t mind rotating out if your taste or design of your home changes!

  1. Consignment Shops: Home Consignment shops have some of the most affordable classic art there is. Looking for a hunting scene for your husband’s office? They will have it. Want some coral/botanical prints for your bathroom- guaranteed to be there. The additional upside to buying this style of art at consignment shops vs flipping through botanical prints at the flea market is that they are already framed, and usually with a custom frame job. I have two go to places in CT: Consign It and United Housewreckers and am really looking forward to discovering some new hidden gems in Chicago.
  2. Independent Custom Stationery Companies: I know this sounds crazy but so many of these talented stationery/invitation designers are beautiful illustrators and artists to boot! I recently discovered Our Heiday and bought three of Patricia Shen’s houseplant prints for our bedroom. I framed them with a simple white frame and am in love with the triptych we now have over our bed! My dear friend Lana Effron of Lana’s Shop who is also a successful stationery and invitation designer (who has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings and many other venerable sites for her impressive and beautiful creations) also has a painting section you can order prints from or draw inspiration for a custom print from Lana herself! lana
  3. West Elm: No, I am not suggesting that you buy one of the run of the mill prints that they offer at West Elm but I am suggested you check out the artists behind some of their featured art. Many of them are doing a lot of cool stuff like Jenny Kiker of Living Pattern.IMG_7246
  4. Homemade Art: Yes, it is true- the girl who cannot paint her own nails has paintings of her own creation hanging in her apartment. With a glass of wine and a little inspiration from the latest trends in botanics or colors you can easily watercolor your way into an AI Freeman frame and call it art! It is a great way to get the exact colors you want to pull from your space onto your walls. See pics below but don’t judge too harshly- as I mentioned there was wine involved…  FullSizeRender (54)
  5. It’s all about the framing: Whenever I am traveling I always seem to come home with at least one print or photo that is worth framing. Typically I would wait until it was a special occasion and get it custom framed at the tune of around $300. This can be a great way to go about it and make sure you have the exact right look. However it is pricy and there are other options. AI Friedman has by far the largest selection of frame sizes and styles in a physical store, they also have a variety of pre-cut mats so you can create a more custom look. I am also obsessed with Framebridge– a new startup that will custom frame any of your favorite frameables for $39-149 depending on size.corner

Once I got started I found there are endless ways to find beautiful images to hang on your walls. I would love to hear how you have perfected your latest gallery wall or reading nook! 

Adventures in Reiki

Written by: Meryl


Everytime I start to tell this story at a dinner party or over coffee with friends I start with a bunch of qualifiers, “I know it sounds crazy”, “I don’t really believe in this stuff”, “I was really just needing an outlet” but in all honesty Reiki has been one of the coolest things I have done in the last year.

I was initially attracted to it because I love to try new things; I started drinking kombucha in 2007 (and never stopped, sorry wallet), I have done the master cleanse a few times despite how insane it is (not totally convinced it is healthy either), I went to acupuncture for the first time without any ailment in mind- just to check it out… anyway you get the idea. So when my friend hairdresser, Dena suggested that I go to her Reikist to sort out some unresolved stress with my job and life I was intrigued. Dena spoke of her Reikist, Ani’s almost clairvoyant nature and how she has really helped her understand herself better on her journey to becoming her best self.

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Where’s Mer?

For the remainder of the week, you can find her right here on Come to Coco. Whenever I need a good book recommendation, a recipe, an interesting bottle of vino, new bedding or face cream…Mer is my go-to gal pal. Last November, Meryl wrote a guest post titled, Winter Skin Regimen and ever since I’ve received many requests to have her post more. So all you Meryl lovers, rejoice! I can’t wait to share all she has in store.


Kids say the darndest things

I always get a kick out of Joanna’s, of A Cup of Jo, conversations with her son (see here). My sister was cleaning out boxes and came across some of my sibling’s homework assignments — honestly, where do kids come up with this stuff? Some great Monday afternoon reading material right here:

by: Nick

I like bread. It is good.
It’s all I eat everywhere.
If I am I’m at a restaurant I would order bread first.
If I was on an Island and I could have one food it would be bread!!


(editor’s note: we are definitely related.)

by: Nick

Mom, I remember when you used to give me baths in the sink.
It was fun!! And a little weird.
Now I’m way too big for the sink.
I would get stuck.


by: Julie

Clearly the best speller in the family.

by: Jen


by: Madeleine

“I would use my crystal ball to find out how my life is going to be in the future. I would find out if a boy like me and if so, who. And ask all my questions I wanted to ask then I would sell it for thousand millions and then spend the money for shopping.” [insert dollar sign eyes here].


My cousin Erin’s little boy wrote this gem. I. JUST.CAN’T.:

“Wawawa” I cried.
Ma passed away, I wailed.
We have to put an ad in the paper.
We’ll get a new one.


He was also deeply affected by Deflategate.

imageAnd lastly, if only every middle child could be this confident.




Have an adventurous weekend

A few photos from a recent day trip to Point Reyes– even picturesque in the fog. And in case you missed it, my guide to Coastal Living: West Marin. Happy Friday!

PS: A sad day indeed at Nick’s Cove!

DSC_0233 2DSC_0252DSC_0255IMG_6067DSC_0257DSC_0243DSC_0238IMG_6044

Fall Reading List

Today marks four months back to work since baby Hank arrived. Someone once told me that you really don’t start feeling like yourself until six months back on the job. So, that means by Halloween I can maybe get past two pages of a book without face-planting into my pillow. Here’s to hoping. Some books that have sparked my interest of late:

{A Window Opens}


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Rikshaw Design Sample Sale

Today is Rikshaw Design’s Annual Sample Sale over in San Anselmo — last year I picked up so many cute baby/ nursery items. If you are in the Bay Area, don’t miss out.

Location: 243 Sir Francis Drake Blvd | San Anselmo

Amazing deals on baby, kids, women’s, nursery and bedding

Up the ante


I’m always on the hunt for fun playing cards (move over, Backgammon– Double Solitaire is currently my game of choice). Enter: Peep’s Paper Products. All playing cards are imagined, drawn, designed and crafted by my talented friend, Lou Skayhan. Currently selling Chesapeake Bay and San Francisco decks, these cards feature whimsical illustrations of well known landmarks in each location. Is it too early to start thinking about stocking stuffers? Stay tuned for more destinations coming soon!

San Francisco Pelican Playing Cards:




Napa with the Kids

There’s way more to Napa Valley than wine tastings and romance; in fact, it’s pretty kid-friendly. When the fog sets in during SF summers, we love to escape to wine country for some warmth. Fun ways to ‘disrupt the Valley’ with kids:


The Carneros Inn: Otto’s Children’s Pool complete with a ‘Snack Shack’


Calistoga Ranch: a family pool recently opened on property


Wine Tasting: 

Sterling Vineyards: Grape Juice Tasting for Kidsnapa-wineries


Robert Sinskey: Feed the koi fish


Eat (great restaurants WITH a kids’ menu):



La Condessa



Hiking in Napa Valley


Playground Fantastico


La Petite Baleen

I’m a sucker for good marketing. I’m pretty sure I was sold on swim classes at La Petite Baleen based on the logo alone. Then once the instructor strapped swim goggles and a baby inner tube around Hank, it was game over.  Many thanks to my little bro for 1) not making me put on a swimsuit and 2) for enthusiastically jumping in with all the other new moms. Uncle of the year.

logoDSC_0286 2

After sending the above photo to our family chat, these are the responses I received:

Husband: “How was he relative to the other kids?”
Sister 1: “The next Michael Phelps.”
Father: “Look at the size of his hands. What an athlete.”
Sister 2: “He’s so brave, he doesn’t even look scared!”

Bunch of psychos. Some pics below of my little fishy:

DSC_0283 DSC_0285 DSC_0296 DSC_0321 DSC_0325DSC_0334Hank

Dust To Dust Furniture: a pop-up

Attn: LA dwellers!


My talented friend, Kristin Grant of Dust To Dust Furniture, is having a pop-up in Abbot Kinney today and tomorrow. Details below:

  • LOCATION: World Wide Mind
  • ADDRESS: 1306 Abbott Kinney |Venice, CA
  • DATES: 8.24 + 8.25

To check out Kristin’s lookbook and shop, click here.

Ash2 Ash3 Ash5

How to name your family dog

Monday’s post got me thinking about how much I want a dog. Which lead me to think about what I’d name my dog. Which reminded me how hard it was naming a human. Which got me stressed about what I’d name my dog. I digress…

Naming a dog is difficult. And critical. The name you choose will most likely be your children(s) password for the rest of eternity.* The New York Times even posted an article titled, “The Art of Naming a Dog“.

We grew up owning labs but when I was in college, my parents threw us a curveball** and bought a miniature teacup Yorkie from Texas. All five kids in my family have strong personalities and everyone had their own opinion of what the dog should be named. There were fights after fights. Our poor girl was nameless for weeks until one fateful Friday.

Her name is Beanie. Why, you ask? I’ll let my Mom explain:

At Nick’s little league game I was sitting on the sideline with all the other mothers. I had Beanie on my lap and was feeding her vitamins with a syringe [WTF?!]. A line drive beaned her on the head and she was thrown from my lap. Picked her up…she was limp and her tongue hanging out. Of course, I burst into tears. A father drove me to the vet and the Doctor said she wouldn’t make it….14 years later, she’s still going strong.

If you were able to read past the “feeding her vitamins with a syringe” line then you’ll understand where her name came from….

"it ain't over til it's over" - beanie berra

“it ain’t over til it’s over” – beanie berra



A baseball pitch that hits or nearly hits the batter’s head and is sometimes used to intimidate the batter.

The odds of Beanie getting hit in the head by a rogue baseball were 1 in a million. Literally. She weighed one pound and my mom claims that if she had put her on home plate and given each boys 10 balls to try and hit her no one would have come close.

To any passerby, the name Beanie may sound trite but once you hear the story, we were clearly only left with one choice. It’s like they say in baseball, life begins when the season starts.

*I changed my passwords before posting this. RIP CHESS DOG.
** See what I did there? 

Must Love Dogs

I realize my posts are all over the map. You see, sometimes I receive requests from friends readers on topics they’d like me to blog about. Hence, the random post on dog accessories today. I’m not a dog owner but my ability to scour the Internet when I should be sleeping has prepared me well for the day I bring home a sweet pup.

Found My Animal Dog Collar


Vintage White Elephant Dog Bed


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Non- hideous baby gear

Non- hideous baby gear. Yes, that’s part of my Google search history. There’s no doubt that babies require a lot of “stuff” but I’m a firm believer that it doesn’t all have to be hideous and plastic  (although, sometimes sleep deprivation will lead you to buy things like this). We spend a lot of time on decorating our homes and new parents don’t have to sacrifice nice design for function, thanks to these companies:

Who knew a highchair could become a beautiful piece of furniture in your home?
We love our Trip Trap in Natural

A lightweight and foldable chair. NO batteries required:)

Made in the USA | Luxury high-end cottage style furniture.
We went with the Devon crib in white

Great if you love style as much as sustainability

Bumbleride Indie Stroller
It’s light, versatile and great for navigating tight urban spaces or conquering rugged beach terrain

New Sunday Night Ritual

Since Hank’s birth my skin care routine has gone by the wayside. Time and sleep are precious and I couldn’t be bothered to spend more than a few minutes each day and night on my skin. I took a good hard look in the mirror yesterday dropped a few f bombs and decided to book it to Sephora.

On my way to the checkout counter, I passed a section of Tony Moly face sheet masks. Two individually wrapped masks for $7.50. A steal. I decided on the Lemon Brightening mask.

lemon_largeI wasn’t expecting much based on the price alone but the effects were immediate. The best part of the mask? It’s great for lazy Sundays: simply lay the sheet-style mask soaked in the treatment serum over your face, relax/ stalk Instagram for 20-30 minutes and peel it off. Voila! You don’t have to wash your face after.

Try it out, if only for the scary looking selfie.





A cute gift idea

When Hank was born my Aunt sent him the sweetest collection of about 15-20 children’s books with his name (Henry/ Hank) in the title. Not only did this help me build his book collection but I’m certain that one day he will love reading about a superhero named Hank! The next time your friend/ sister/ co-worker has a baby, try it out (unless an unusual name is in play #yolo).




Yoga: The best of SF

I’m not a yogi but have taken my fair share of yoga classes in San Francisco. With studios pretty much on every corner, I’ve rounded up my favorite instructors and studios below.

Prenatal Yoga

Jane Austen :: Yoga Tree SF

Passionate about yoga and the transformational power of motherhood, Jane Austin specializes in working with prenatal and postnatal mamas. She is a mom herself and has been involved with the birthing community since 1990, working as a yoga teacher, homebirth midwife, doula (labor assistant), and childbirth educator. Jane teaches prenatal and postnatal yoga classes and teacher training courses in San Francisco.

Kari Marble :: The Mindful Body

Kari Marble is a mother of two and a certified yoga teacher, massage therapist, infant massage instructor and birth educator with a passionate and extensive specialization in the childbearing year and healthy family living. Her classes are highly regarded for their revitalizing and centering practice, educational content, and warm, nurturing community.

Restorative Yoga

Darren Main :: Donation- based Tuesday night practices at Grace Cathedral

Darren Main is a yoga and meditation instructor and author. His books include Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic, Spiritual Journeys along the Yellow Brick RoadInner Tranquility, The Yogi Entrepreneur and Hearts and Minds: Talking to Christians about Homosexuality.

Enrique Vallejo :: Candlelight Yoga at Laughing Lotus

Enrique draws from a background in dance and theatre and seeks to challenge and inspire his students with enthusiasm, humor and kindness. He believes that yoga is a fantastic tool for dissolving limitations and uncovering the brave, wise, compassionate warrior within.

For a Good Sweat

Courtney Harris :: The Pad Studios

Courtney is a certified nutrition and wellness coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. As a result, her personal yoga practice has grown into a passion for the health and welI-being of others. She uses humor and down-to-earth sentimentality to illuminate aspects of the spiritual journey in a hectic world. Her goal is to put those practicing at ease and encourage them to try new things to improve their practice, on and off the mat.

Tom Lee :: Yoga Flow SF

I love his story about leaving corporate America behind. Read it here.



Summer Beach Must-Haves

Santorini Beach Tent


Paddle Ball Set


Hampton Sun SPF 30

SPF_30__49211.1425933429.1280.1280Green Toys Beach Bucket

71KY994eRAL._SL1500_Serena and Lily Beach Towels

fouta_towels_group_sum15c_8748J. Franklin Horseshoes

33192584_000_bMar Y Sol Tote

Caracas_Nat_CoralSisters of Los Angeles Playing Cards

IMG_3510Sensi Studio Panama Hat

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset


Adult Coloring Books

Yes, you read that correctly. My sisters visited Terrain of Westport yesterday and came home with adult coloring books said to relieve stress. This prompted me to dig a little deeper. Sure enough, I came across a CNN article from April titled, “Adult Coloring Books Topping Bestseller Lists” (read here).

Atlanta-based art therapist Susanne Fincher, who has published several coloring books, said coloring can lift the mood, reduce anxiety and relieve stress.

“Art making is a powerful intervention,” Fincher wrote in an email. “Neuroscientific research has shown that through the use of art therapy, the human brain can physically change, grow, and rejuvenate.”

Time to pull out the colored pencils (or not)…

{Secret Garden}

secret garden28015477_000_f{Enchanted Forest}

35344449_000_a 35344449_000_b{The Art of Nature}


{Animal Kingdom}

millie-marotta-s-animal-kingdom P4272172---Copy

{Colored Pencils}


Favorite online kids shops

I couldn’t have timed this post any better as my best friend just delivered her first healthy, beautiful baby girl! Below are my top 10 online shops for one-of-a-kind gifts/ decor/ clothing for the kids:

1. All Modern for kids’ table & chair sets

Risom+Kid%27s+Side+Chair2. The Wooden Wagon for natural wooden toys


3. Fawn Shoppe for cute gift ideas like this kids’ apron

Screen_Shot_2014-11-14_at_8.05.52_PM_grande4. My Sweet Muffin

thwinwabear115. Blabla for knit and stuffed dolls

106466. Nature Baby

eco-conscious-baby-47. Serena & Lily

TB-ACC69-01_38. Heath Ceramics Kids Collection

6a00e552aabac3883401116900eaeb970c9. Brimful


10. Poketo





Bastille Day :: SF edition


  • Gamine: my favorite local French restaurant (must try the escargots)
  • Bouche: an intimate and romantic restaurant on Bush Street
  • La Folie: French contemporary fare located in Russian Hill
  • La Fromagerie: a quaint cheese shop in the Dogpatch with amazing sandwiches


  • Les Cent Culottes: French lingerie shop in Russian Hill (big sale for Bastille Day)
  • Isabel Marant: located in Jackson Square
  • Nest: Inspired by owner’s vacations to the South of France
  • Cotelac: ‘relaxed chic’ items located at this shop on Fillmore

Carmel Valley Ranch

Two visits in one month with a 5-month old in tow…that’s how much we love our road trips to Carmel. During this particular visit, we stayed at Carmel Valley Ranch — a 500-acre playground for adults and kids alike. On the property: giant oak trees with wooden swings, rows and rows of lavender fields, deer and wild turkeys roaming free, an elevated yoga platform with views of the valley and open fire pits for s’more making. We were the first guests to stay in the newly renovated suites and spent the majority of the time on the deck enjoying the outdoor soaking tub and views of the rolling vineyards. Hank was a happy little man and it was a fun-filled Fourth of July. Some pictures below from our stay:

DSC_0152 2 DSC_0154 2 IMG_0449DSC_0183FullSizeRenderDSC_0158 2IMG_0461IMG_0459IMG_9647IMG_9593IMG_9592FullSizeRenderDSC_0218



Inspired by the ‘She’s In The Glow’ feature on Shopbop’s Style Director…some tunics (on a Tuesday) I’ve been eyeing below:

Tory Burch

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 8.09.50 AMJ.Crew




tunic_3-detailRoberta Roller Rabbit

83637_a_1Mi Goldondrina






3 products to try right now

1. Tata Harper Be Adored. I am obsessed. This NYMag review is spot on:

Before J.Crew was the ultra-stylized, Jenna Lyons–fueled fashion brand it has become, it was associated with catalogues filled with 100 percent cotton, khakis, and nary a sequin. Models had unfussy hair and wore natural makeup — not in a minimalist Calvin Klein way, but in a girl-that-lives-next-to-your-Vermont-farm kind of way. Before the brand introduced a red lipstick to the catalogue in 2004, models wore flushed cheeks and  flushed lips; highlighted with a natural gloss, if any at all. Tata Harper’s Be Adored Lip Treatment recalls that popsiclelike J.Crew lip of yesteryear.


2. Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner. Helps kick the brassy/ yellow tones while brightening natural highlights.


3. Goddess of Skin Bonifide Scrub. After reading about this product on ManRepeller and Into the Gloss, I had to give this scrub a go. Stay tuned.


de Buci Baby

A friend recently told me about a new company, de Buci Baby, inspired by the designer’s love of toile and men’s pajamas (totally speaks to the East Coaster in me).  Alas, sleep sacks that are functional and fashionable!

I know what I’ll be gifting at my next baby shower…

Sleep Sacks

debuci-blue_plaid-2-A_1024x1024 debuci-blue_plaid-3-A_1024x1024 debuci-toile-2-A_1024x1024Toy Sleep Sacks

toile-toy_sleepsack-A_1024x1024 debuci-beige-9-A_1024x1024Blankets

debuci-ecomm-all-3_1024x1024You can follow their pretty Instagram account here.

Travel Tuesday: Bahamas

My sister recently graduated from Groovy UV — as if the birks paired with the cap and gown didn’t give it away ;).  To celebrate, she took the trip of a lifetime with friends to the Bahamas. Her pictures below have me daydreaming of quitting my day job crystal-blue waters and white sandy beaches.

IMG_8608 IMG_8605 IMG_860711407177_10155628742045576_2942185891070529289_nIMG_8614IMG_8615IMG_861011391229_10155628733315576_4200079652566064944_n11391483_10152987362531589_7303072132453540066_nIMG_860411148654_10155628895380576_4974515690068623156_nIMG_8609IMG_861110405348_10155628896240576_5722392053157550213_n11391266_10155628736235576_7880296161530844368_nIMG_8612

West Coast Craft

Hank and I took a little stroll down to Fort Mason on Saturday to check out West Coast Craft.

West Coast Craft is a craft and design show featuring carefully selected designers, artists, and craftspeople inspired by the mood and aesthetics of West Coast lifestyle. Cool but sunny, laidback yet innovative, they represent the best of West Coast craft.

Below is a roundup of some of the new, up-and-coming artisans I came across (fyi, there were over 250!). I should have gotten a head start of my Christmas shopping…

Elliefunday :: beautiful baby blankets that change the lives of marginalized women in India (I picked up an awesome handkerchief bib for Hank).


Galanter & Jones :: Heated Outdoor Furniture (imagine the feeling of relaxing in a hot tub without getting wet).


Noble Carriage :: Organic Baby Clothes + Gifts.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 4.51.09 PMGray Market :: Fresh, Classic textiles for you and your home.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 4.54.01 PMCaravan Pacific :: American Crafted Lighting.


Canoe :: modern leather goods.

wN_BlueVortexWallet_frontThe Granite :: an emerging female-owned and operated creative studio and workshop with evolving focus and inspiration.

bluedash-on-wht+copy+-+square+versionA Summer Afternoon :: Natural Wooden Toys.

ASummerAfternoon_008Pigeon Toe Ceramics :: objects with a story.

PT2015_044_a9d8914e-64e1-4391-a01c-b00db54781fe_largeChristy Dawn :: dresses handcrafted in LA.



Father’s Day Gift Guide

PSA :: Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21st


{DIY Deluxe Hot Sauce Kit}

Screen-Shot-2014-07-14-at-10.10.07-AM{Heath Paine socks}

35559897_000_a{American Flag Spatula– perfect for 4th of July grilling}


{Cotton Pocket Squares handcrafted in LA}

beachcover {The SunnyLion Tangle-Free earbuds}


{J. Franklin Field Day Horseshoes}


{Quoddy Canoe Shoe– I’m a fan of the navy laces}


{Marine Layer Waverly Woven Shirt}


{Mulholland Weekender Bag–all orders 25% off with code: DAD2015}

 Screen shot2 Nantucket_Island_large{Custom Watercolor Map of his favorite coastline}

w38ss-sbbk-sel_GEO_US{Apple Watch}


{Vilebrequin Father and Son Swim Trunks}

PJ{Classic Pajamas}


{In-home massage}


{Tom Ford Noir}

16140-01_1416977312{Craftsman Tool Set in Natural Canvas}

Stripes on Sale

e5eecac9824574f4c4d3d75e798719f91. Joie Pentea B Dress

2. T By Alexander Want Striped Long Sleeve T-Shirt

3. Vince Linen Mixed Stripe Tank

4. Heidi Merrick Stripped Pencil Skirt

5. J.Crew Shirt

6. Lemlem Gauze Top

7. Kidmore Sneakers

8. Tory Burch Striped Shorts

9. Heidi Klein Bathing Suit

10. Theory Caneil C Dress

Bright Salads

The fog dog days of summer are almost upon us.  Some scrumptious spring/ summer salads:

Spring Salad with Fava Beans. Recipe here.


Spinach Salad with Chicken, Strawberries, Blue Cheese and Almonds. Recipe here.


Green Bean & Avocado Quinoa Salad. Recipe here.


Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad with Red Onion, Lemon and Pecorino. Recipe here.


Insalata Caprese. Recipe here.


Little Gem Lettuce with Roasted Beets and Feta Dressing. Recipe here.

little-gem-lettuce-with-roasted-beets-and-feta-dressingAnd, in case you missed it:

Off-the-Grid: Bolinas

Friends rented the same house in Bolinas (from this blog post) for the long weekend. We made the hour drive Sunday morning with plans to test our luck surfing. Sunday’s surf report: “Mysterious morning fog settling in and swirling about. A sinister SW wind putting the bite on the temps and rippling an already unwelcoming ocean surface. Sun is an enigma presently and may stay reclusive.” So, what do five novice surfers who have seen Blue Crush one too many times do? Head to 2 Mile Surf Shop to rent wetsuits and boards. Sleep training a baby will make one do crazy things.

Our friend Keith took a surf lesson the day before so we were hanging on his every word (before heading out my husband asked him if he was regular or goofy to which his sweet mother-in-law replied, “he looked good!”). As we paddled out, the sun broke and there was a pod of dolphins swimming about 20 yards from our group, temporarily distracting me from unwelcome sea dwellers and the fact that the neck of my wetsuit was impeding my breathing.

Overall, it was an incredibly successful day. No one got eaten by a shark, everyone rode a wave or two and there were cold beers, a hot tub and a sleeping baby (!) waiting for us back at the house. How did we get so lucky? Some pictures from our jaunt to Bolinas below:

DSC_0146IMG_7925 (1)IMG_7950 (1)IMG_7936DSC_0159DSC_0177DSC_0165DSC_0169DSC_0173DSC_0178IMG_7946IMG_3322

Oh Happy Day

The design + lifestyle blog, Oh Happy Day, has recently launched a highly curated online party supply shop. This bright (and happy) site makes me want to throw a fun summer fete for kids (how cute are these temporary tattoos?) and adults alike. “After years of collecting lanterns from China, street flags from Brazil, confetti from Paris (it’s better there!), and handmade piñatas from Mexico we decided to put it all in one place.” Everything is shipped from San Francisco. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

ohhappyday ohhappydayballoons_2326_1024x1024 paperplates_7999_1024x1024 caketopper_youreold_1024x1024 product_4745_1024x1024 mint_2nd_1_1024x1024 ohhappydaysummertime_2344_1024x1024

East Coast Living

Maternity leave and our whirlwind Midwest/ East Coast tour has sadly come to an end. It’s back to work and back to trying to get Hank on somewhat of a schedule (God help me). A few photos from our trip spent with the best friends & family:

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (3)Click below to view more:

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